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    Amazing Homes in Tampa Bay - Decorating a small outdoor space may just be more difficult than a larger one. Figuring out how to fit what you want in a way that doesn't clutter the area can be complicated! Here are 25 great examples of small patios that made the most of their square footage.

    25 Big Ideas for Smaller Patios houzz.com

    Make the most of your patio’s shortcomings by playing with scale, color, texture and location

    15 hours ago

    Amazing Homes in Tampa Bay - Washing dishes wouldn't be half bad if you had a nice view from the window!

    2 days ago

    Amazing Homes in Tampa Bay - How would you rate this living room space on a scale of 1 to 10?

    4 days ago

    Amazing Homes in Tampa Bay - This sunken fire pit and seating area would be a great addition to any backyard! What do you think?

    6 days ago
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